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MAY 17, 2007
Coolest Lego Ever

Lego ice trays ... sadly, they're not available in the US. What up with that?


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APRIL 27, 2007
Eva Solo Fridge Carafe


Browsing around the InterWeb today I stumbled across Eva Solo's new Fridge Carafe -- and I just liked its presentation. A simple, slim design, the carafe is made to fit on most refrigerator doors and can hold an array of liquid -- be it milk, lemonade or sangria. The lid removes to expose a mouth wide enough for ice cubes or full lemon slices and the carafe is dishwasher safe. It can come with one of the neoprene covers above to keep liquid warm or cold. The Fridge Carafe will become available in May so watch for pricing.

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APRIL 16, 2007
Sun Jar

Sunjar The concept is simple enough: Leave a normal, glass jar outside in direct sunlight during the day and, come sundown, it will light up and give off enough light to keep things aglow. Simple, right? If you have the Sun Jar, it makes total sense. This product, by those brilliant British designers at Suck UK, looks like a regular frosted Mason jar. But at closer inspection (read: look inside the lid), you'll find a solar cell, rechargeable battery and a few low-energy LED lamps. When the jar is left in direct sunlight (either outside or in a window), the solar cell charges the battery through an electrical current. At night, the sensor recognizes that it has turned dark and activates the LED lamps to kick on. This is a clever way to light up a back porch or garden path without worrying about kicking over candles -- and it also serves as beautiful mood lighting inside your home. While it's sold out through Suck UK, you can currently pick up a Sun Jar through Elsewares for $40.

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MARCH 12, 2007
Introducing Nespresso Lattissima

Nespresso Nespresso, the leading designer of espresso pod machines (or as they call it "single-serve coffee segment"), is set to launch their latest creation -- the Lattissima -- later this year. Their newest machine combines all the beauty, functionality and ease of many of their others, but this is really a one-stop-shop for all things espresso based. All the components -- brewing, frothing, cleaning -- are inside removing any need for you to think about much more than ultimately drinking your coffee. There's a one-click attachment for frothing/steaming milk so making a cappuccino or latte is honestly as easy as hitting a button. For instance, my C190 is manual so I have to let the steam heat up and then froth the milk myself (which is still pretty easy), but the Lattissima makes making a cup of coffee in the morning -- especially when you're still too tired for manual labor or even thinking -- a snap. The machine, being produced in partnership with De'Longhi, comes in Satin Chrome and is set to retail between $600 and $700. It has a twin pump and heating system (one for making coffee, the other for frothing milk) allowing for a froth coffee to drip into your glass in about one minute. It was constructed with an adjustable cup platform in the event you're really jonesing for a tall latte and a heated upper surface to warm your espresso cups. And if you're in New York, check out the Lattissima at the recently opened Nespresso Boutique Bar at Madison and 65th.

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JANUARY 27, 2007
Tonfisk Warm Ceramic & Wood Tea Set

Tonfisk A friend recently turned me on to Finnish design house Tonfisk and it's gorgeously simple Warm tea set. Constructed of clean, white porcelain, the tea set is then accented by laminated, bent wood that not only insulates the tea, but acts as a buffer so you don't burn your hands. This novel design is topped off with a cork stopper so no tea will leak out of either the pot or your mug. The product has been so well-received, it was recently named by Wallpaper* as a design icon of the last decade.

Further perusing of the company's site, I discovered a number of other great finds, including the Shake salt and pepper shakers, the Kinos clean and simple sushi set and the Oma lemon squeezer, that allows you to juice a half lemon (or orange) into this handy little basin and then pour it out through a small hold in the side.

Tonfisk products can be find around the world in many retail outlets, including the MoMA Design Store and MOSS in New York, Scandinavian Details in San Francisco and Willow in Chicago.

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JANUARY 08, 2007
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Pet Products

Meyers_1 I first discovered and wrote about Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Aromatherapeutic products four years ago and the company has exploded since then. Distributing a line of clean-smelling, good-for-the-environment products, Mrs. Meyers is a forerunner in the greening of home cleaning. Infused with essential oils like lavender, chamomile and lemon verbena, the biodegradable line includes dish soap (a staple in my home since 2003), hand soap, surface scrubs, laundry detergent and now pet products. Recently introduced, Mrs. Meyers pet products are a cruelty-free and organically crafted. They products, which are all infused with clary sage and chamomile, include a soothing Oatmeal Pet Shampoo, Oxygen Bleach Stain Remover (a lifesaver with puppies and old pooches), a Freshening Spray to remove odors on furniture and my favorite, the Gentle Pet Wipes, which make cleaning up your pup after a romp in the park or at the beach a simple process. Mrs. Meyers products are available at Whole Foods nationwide as well as through the company's website.

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TivoToGo Finally for Mac

Tivo Tivo today announced that it is finally making available its TivoToGo application for Mac users. The company teamed with Roxio, which will offer the service through its Toast 8 Titanium disc-burning software. Now Mac users with a broadband connection and at least a Tivo Series2 unit can download recorded programs and watch them on their computer, video iPod or burn them to a DVD to store for future watching. The Roxio app retails for $99, but buy before Jan. 12 and save $10 and get a free Tivo Glo remote, a $49.99 value. You can download TivoToGo and buy Toast.

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NOVEMBER 28, 2006
Suck UK Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener


There really isn't much more to say about this product. The name really says it all: Suck UK's Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener. It's perfect in its simplicity, convenience and style. If there was a way for it to actually adhere to stainless steel, it could camouflage itself on the door. That way, when your friends come over and want a beer or bottled soda, you can stick it into the refrigerator, pop it open and they'll never know how you did it. It's worth spending the £15 ($29) just for the novelty.

via Charles & Marie

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NOVEMBER 16, 2006
Kiehl's Dog Products

Kiehls_pets If you fuss over your pet like I do then your dog (or cat) is as spoiled as Emma. I mean, what's the point of having a dog if you can't treat them like a human child? Sure, Emma's collar looks like it's from Burberry (it's not but we get asked all the time), she eats only high-end, all-natural food (hey, it's helped her lose more than 10 lbs!), loves to indulge in bell peppers, string cheese and edamame (what dog doesn't?) and has two beds (yet chooses to sleep in ours).

So when I learned about Kiehl's pet products, I flipped. I thought: ifEmmabeach_1 I love these products and use a variety of them, why wouldn't Emma like them too? The Cuddly Coat Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner both contain chamomile flower extract and palm kernal to help detangle and soften a dog's coat. But it's the Spray-n-Play Cleansing Spritz  (doesn't everyone need a spritz from time to time?) that has me most excited. Washing or grooming your dog often isn't good for her coat -- not to mention how not fun it is for you. So being able to use this "waterless shampoo" more frequently is a welcome reprieve from the actual task of bathing your pet. Leave it to Kiehl's to enable us dog freaks to spend even more money on these already-spoiled creatures. God love it!

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NOVEMBER 15, 2006
Stephen Reed Soft Spot Table


Sitting on a hard wooden bench is only comfortable for so long. Stephen Reed came up with a solution: build a bench with half the seating area crafted in wood tiles held together by sturdy elastic cords that give way when you sit on it. While most cities won't likely replace their hard park benches with comfortable elasticity, you might want one for your home. Best yet: when you're not sitting on it, you can use it as a coffee table.

via OhGizmo

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