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MARCH 26, 2010
Remember When Music Was Exciting?

Bloc_party_1 I was listening to Bloc Party's "Helicopter" a few minutes ago and was immediately drawn back to early 2005 when music was more pure. When the Internet still allowed for musical darlings to rise above the shit and become discovered. When bands like Bloc Party and Arcade Fire and Arctic Monkeys and Lily Allen and Clap Your Hands and Annie were actually discovered. And the music was exciting. So much so that people who were tied in to music burbling up on the Internet knew where to tune in to hear the really exciting new music.

Then things got crazy. MySpace exploded. And every band vied for our attention. To the point that there was no longer a filter. Then everything became indie rock. There were no lines drawn, just blurred. The most obscure bands that could play the Pitchfork fest were raised up so fast that before they could ever cross over and become uncool they were already pushed aside. There's only so much weight that indie cred can hold. There's only so much plaid and so many ironic haircuts out there to maintain a scene. In 2005, music was fresh. It was the second calling of the new wave. White Stripes and the Strokes paved the way. This second-second wave built up an incredible base. They brought us into this new space. And then it became overcrowded.

Now, in 2010, we're at a crossroads. We're ready and open for the next vibe. I didn't go to SXSW this year and was told that I missed nothing. There were no standouts. Nothing was exciting. It's time for music to break out and get creative again. Is it that there's nothing to motivate behind? Yes there are wars but do they really affect us on a daily basis? Yes, gay rights should be a non-issue but is that going to motivate politically charged rock? No. We need someone to be bold, to make waves. Don't be derivative. Be original. Do something that knocks us on our asses. Surprise us. Because most other things are just really damn boring. I want to be excited. Excite me!

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