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SEPTEMBER 30, 2009
Hearty Boys' new spot Hearty to feature upscale comfort food, classic cocktails


The Hearty Boys just keep on surprising us, don't they? Earlier this year, the original winners of "The Search for the Next Food Network Star" started serving brunch in their catering/HBTV studio space in Lakeview. Now they're taking things up a notch by opening their new restaurant, Hearty, in the same space, at 3819 N. Broadway. The menu promises to showcase upscale comfort food where they'll reintroduce dishes they grew up with, but adding a modern twist.

SomethingGlorious spoke Hearty Boy Steve McDonagh, who said he initially had reservations about opening another restaurant, but after seeing the popularity of their Sunday brunch and realized the the dearth of restaurants on that stretch of Broadway, they decided to give it a go. And go they will: their new website, featuring the new menu. just went live.

McDonagh, along with his life-and-business partner (and chef) Dan Smith , will close the space Oct. 21 and reopen for business following a bit of redecorating on Nov. 4. 

Look for Smith's take on deviled eggs (a trio of deviled eggs, one each filled with curry, pesto and beets); pork and beans (Great Northern beans with pork belly and pork cheeks); surf and turf (hanger steak with batter-fried oysters served with a housemade BBQ sauce); "Campfire fish" (fresh market fish cooked and served in foil with vegetables and herb butter prepared over hot coals); lobster pot pie (does this really need an explanation?!); tuna casserole (deconstructed with seared ahi, egg noodles, light saffron cream, sauteed wild mushrooms, sweet pea puree) and a twist on the BLT morphing it into the P.A.T. (pancetta, arugula and marinated tomato on grilled sourdough). Smith will introduce a pudding flight on the dessert list: arborio rice, butterscotch and Indian pudding (corn meal with cinnamon and allspice), which is popular in New England. Price per plate will range from about $17 to $23.

Meanwhile, McDonagh has long had an affinity for classic cocktails and wanted to do them long ago before the big trend hit (you can read about his cocktails in their cookbook, "Talk With Your Mouth Full"). He's searching far and wide to find new and interesting drinks to feature alongside their all-American wine list, which includes West Coast wines as well as from obscure spots like Georgia, North Carolina, Connecticut and Texas, like Llano Estacado port. Cocktails will include the East India (Grand Marnier, orange bitters and pomegranate liqueur sourced from Thatcher's Organic in Michigan), the Cel-Ray Mary (Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda, Aquavit, muddled grape tomatoes, green pepper and spices) and the Off White Russian (Veev acai spirit, heavy cream and Chicago's own Koval organic rose hip liqueur).

The Boys will host one final preview dinner on Oct.7 from 5-10 pm. Cost is $35 for a three-course prix-fixe meal, where you get to choose your app, entree and dessert from a variety of new menu items (drinks are additional cost). You can make reservations by calling 773-868-9866.

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