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MAY 10, 2007
Protest High Gas Prices on May 15

Gas Sure this may be a load of hooey, but it doesn't hurt to try and rally against the ever-increasing price of gas. But May 15 is a gas boycott day. If there were ever an argument for seeking out alternative fuels, the recent spike in gas prices -- with the countrywide average topping $3 a gallon -- is a pretty loud argument. On May 15 -- Don't Buy Gas. Don't Fill Up Your Tank. Don't Even Go To A Gas Station. If enough people around the country boycott buying gas on May 15, it could make a difference.

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How will this possibly help? Boycotting one particular company - perhaps. But boycotting it all for one day? People will just go buy gas the next day. It's not money lost for the gas companies, it's money delayed.

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