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APRIL 16, 2007
Sun Jar

Sunjar The concept is simple enough: Leave a normal, glass jar outside in direct sunlight during the day and, come sundown, it will light up and give off enough light to keep things aglow. Simple, right? If you have the Sun Jar, it makes total sense. This product, by those brilliant British designers at Suck UK, looks like a regular frosted Mason jar. But at closer inspection (read: look inside the lid), you'll find a solar cell, rechargeable battery and a few low-energy LED lamps. When the jar is left in direct sunlight (either outside or in a window), the solar cell charges the battery through an electrical current. At night, the sensor recognizes that it has turned dark and activates the LED lamps to kick on. This is a clever way to light up a back porch or garden path without worrying about kicking over candles -- and it also serves as beautiful mood lighting inside your home. While it's sold out through Suck UK, you can currently pick up a Sun Jar through Elsewares for $40.

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