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FEBRUARY 26, 2007
Snowboarding ... Feh

So I decided to take a snowboard lesson this morning and after about an hour, I fell backward (after trying to not hit other people in my group) and partially dislocated my shoulder. While laying in the snow, feeling like I'm going to hurl, my shoulder popped back into place but I spent the rest of the day off the slopes with ice on it in my condo. Nice way to start the vacay, no? Tomorrow I'm going back to what I know best: skiing. I may have not been on skis in about 10 years, but I guarantee I'll feel a lot more in control. For anyone who's ever had a shoulder pop out of place you know the pain. Anyone else, it's one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced in my life. I don't wish it on anybody.

anyone else have bad snowboarding stories?

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Ari, I hope your shoulder is better. Take it easy!


I've been a skiier my whole life until one day I decided to attempt snowboarding. I rented a snowboard, went into the chalet, got my lift ticket, came out, and someone had stolen my board. I looked around for a good 30 minutes before I found two kids returning it. After yelling at them I'd found out they'd broken one of my bindings. I took it into the repair shop, where I was for the next 2-3 hours before they told me they "just couldn't fix it." It being now about 4pm, I decided "what the hell" and took my first run of the day on the hill. I got on my snowboard, one foot latched in, one dangling out of a broken binding, and started going down the hill.... FAST. I didn't know how to stop so tried going horizontal with my board where I managed to flip over, knock myself unconcious, and break the other binding.

thus, my snowboarding career was complete.

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