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FEBRUARY 08, 2007
Capogiro Gelato

Capo2 Despite the temps hovering around zero in Chicago, I'm still able to reach inside my freezer and pull out a pint of ice cream. Why? Because inside it's not just ordinary ice cream. It's gelato. Not just any gelato, but Capogiro Gelato of Philadelphia. This is truly some of the best, creamiest gelato I've had outside of Italy (and it's been so long since I've been there that I don't even know that it counts anymore). SG HQ received a package of six pints of unique and interesting flavors that when eaten alone or combined together gives your tastebuds an otherworldly rush. While Capogiro makes traditional gelato flavors like pistacchio, espresso and stracciatella (chocolate chip), it's when they get creative that shows why they're the best. Anyone can make a pint of gelato, but when you're eating any of the following flavors, you'll feel like heaven came down and greeted you on earth -- with spoon in hand: Meyer Lemon w/Vodka; Honey Truffled Caramel; Cinnamon; Burnt Sugar; Sweet Potato w/Pecan Praline; Cioccolato Scuro (dark, dark, dark!) ... gjroijkjl;kj (sorry, I started to drool on the keyboard).

Capogiro is sold mainly in the Northeast is available in one store, Bouffe, in Chicago. However, you can always buy it online directly through the website. And while it may never seem like it's going to be warm again (don't worry, it's coming), you'll be happy that when the temps to start to climb back up that you're all set with a few pints of Capogiro in the freezer.

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You left off my favorite, the Pear and Bourbon Sorbet!!!

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