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NOVEMBER 26, 2006
Nike Hatphones

Hatphones Building off the popularity of the Nike+ system, Nike has just released its Hatphones: a Therma-Fit soft fleece skull cap that has earbuds stitched into the hat and pull down right over your ears. There's also a slot inside the hat for an iPod Nano that when faced outwards gives you touch-panel control over what you're listening to. If you want to have more visaul control over the music, you can go "corded" and have your iPod extend downward outside the cap. This is just another great example of an iconic brand answering the need of the masses. Just because it's getting cold outside doesn't mean that your outdoor activities -- snowboarding, jogging, walking to work -- have to be as numbing as the frigid winter air.

Hatphones come in four colors -- black, grey, navy and red -- and are available for $60 at

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It looks like a knockoff of the iSoundCap Ski Cap ( that acually looks better and it is cheaper ($22 vs. $60)...
Go figure...


I bought my ski cap from isoundcap and its wonderful at 1/3 of the price. So guess I won't buy this one.


Doesn't look water resistant for skiing and winter sports. Why buy a hat that has ear pieces "built in". We already have them. Just another way to up the cost. Is there anything better out there at a more resonable price?


I love nike hatphones. Finally a product that doesn't look contrived. i've checked out isound it it is not as good as nike because of the placement of the sleeve and it's user friendly. I can change the music on the go. It has the best tech fabrics of nike and i wore this skiing in colorado and it is resistant.


I've worn this cap the sound is awesome and i can adjust volume and music with the small screen on the outside of the knit cap. This is cool stuff!!!

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