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NOVEMBER 03, 2006
Dom Perignon '96 Rose Debuts at Chicago's Palmolive Bldg.

Dp_ros_1996 Dom Perignon debuted their Rosé Vintage 1996 last night at a splashy, well-heeled event in a spacious apartment at the rehabbed Palmolive Building in Chicago. The event was a trip through the decades with Dom supported by various fashion and cultural icons and products in different rooms, including dresses from Givenchy and Chanel, vintage Missoni bags, art by Karl Lagerfeld and Norma Kamali sneaker pumps.

And the space itself, in the converted 1929 art deco masterpiece -- the Palmolive Building, known for its architectural advancements, housing Cosmopolitan, Esquire and Good Housekeeping magazines in the '30s and beyond, for being the former HQ of Palmolive and Playboy from 1965 to 1989 -- was stunning, with top-of-the-line finishes and jaw-dropping views of Lake Michigan, Lake Shore Drive and the Loop, with a current price tag of just under $6 million.

Following a $135 million renovation in 2002, the building is now home to some of Chicago's most exclusive residences (it's reported that Vince VaughnPalm1 and Jennifer Aniston bought the penthouse comprising the top three floors of the building). Back in the day, the Palmolive was heralded, not only for its stunning decor, but also for breaking away from the densely populated, slightly polluted Loop. When it was built, the building was the first skyscraper north of Downtown and was the tallest in the area. Today, it's dwarfed by the Hancock Building (see image below).

But the night was really about the bubbly -- and sip it we did. We were first treated to apps and many glasses of Dom '98. Shortly thereafter, when the halls of the suite were full, the big reveal took place. Dozens of bottles of the '96 Rosé were carried out in a grand, cylindrical ice structure by two men. Then all we heard was popping and liquid flowing.

The nose was earthy and smoky, the color a vibrant pink with a metallic glow and the taste ... simply divine. For people who think a rosé is light, sweet and fruity hasn't had a good rosé in awhile. This Palm3 vintage, created by blending old vine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, was so silky that it slipped across my tongue, leaving behind bold strawberry and subtle hints of vanilla.

The Dom '96 Rosé is not for the casual night out. At $400 a bottle, definitely celebrate something massive -- and realize that when you toast, you're toasting with something really special.

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People Magazine reported that Vince bought the penthouse at 12 mllion dollars with no mention of Aniston. I am a big Aniston/Vaugh fan. Do we know for sure that Jennifer purchased this with Vince. As you know, rumors of the status of their relationship are rampant. Jen's fans would like assurances that they are still together.

Thank you,
Deltona, Florida

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