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OCTOBER 01, 2006
London Day 1

Got into Heathrow about three hours ago and while waiting for our bags to roll off the plane, who walks by but Colin Firth. In London not 15 minutes and had our first celeb spotting. Sure, not Posh, Kate or Madge but hey, it was still pretty cool. He was waiting for his bag to come off too -- stars, they're just like us! [Update: I've noticed a lot of Colin Firth fans are linking to this post so I thought I'd offer a little more info. Colin came in on an overnight flight from NYC, walked up to the baggage claim and blended in with the crowd. Very laid back, unassuming -- that seems something British a-listers can do -- no entourage, no fuss. Colin and I walked through customs together, when he put on a baseball cap to try to be a little incognito -- or maybe just to cover up his slightly matted hair. Afterward, he went up to the Virgin Upper Class desk ... and at that point I found my driver and left the airport. Wish I could add more for y'all.]

The flight was great -- United business class does it right. First rate food, comfy seats and an array of movies. After a couple glasses of champagne and two more glasses of wine, I got a killer migraine that stuck with me until we got off the  plane.

The sun is fighting to come out amidst light drizzle -- I guess that's what we can expect this week. Got to our place in Shoreditch, grabbed a coffee (which is definitely weaker than in the States) and strolled the neighborhood a bit. Great cafes, boutiques, galleries and the like. Being Sunda morning, no one is really on the streets and it was a pleasure having a little peace.

More later -- hopefully I won't get hit by a bus looking the wrong way.

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Thanks for the additional Colin info! He's been filming in NYC for the past 4 weeks, and interest has been high. I was lucky enough to get a brief look at him in Brooklyn 3 weeks ago, and he is definitely a very unassuming type of guy.


Thank you so much for giving all of us Colin fans that little bit of extra information. It means alot to us.


Ahhhhh! just hearing about him in real-life is wonderful. Now if only we could get him downunder. (It's all right ladies - I AM from Australia - why what did you think I meant?)
Thanks so much Ari for helping to feed our, I mean, healthy interest, of course.


Okay gals,
So I thought I'd chime in also......Mish, you're right..definitely nice to have additional info about ODB. Now I must ask Ari, are you a fan of Colin Firth and can we now say you have been Firthanated or Colinized??


I was stranded with Colin Firth on the 22nd December in Heathrow, waiting for the fog to clear.
He was in the BA lounge sitting next to me for about 2 hours.
Noone else seemed to notice.

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