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SEPTEMBER 21, 2006
InstantMoto: Buy a Phone like a Candy Bar

IntsantmotoIf you thought techonology wasn't moving fast enough, how's this for making your life easier? Motorola is rolling out 20 "robotic stores," massive vending machines that sell mobile phone and accessories.

The InstantMoto stores will be on-hand in airports and malls throughout the country by November, according to Motorola. San Francisco airport already has one and there are three in Chicago, including one at the "new" Macy's on State Street (don't get me started on that, I'm still bitter about them "killing" Marshall Field's).

With InstantMoto, which was designed by SF-based Zoom Systems, you'll be able to choose from 30 products: 12 different phones including the RAZR and Q, as well as a variety of accessories like Bluetooth headsets. Best quality: you can buy a phone with or without a rate plan.

In case you're worried about your phone getting stuck in the coils like a helpless bag of chips, fear not. Robotic arms will take the product you order and gently place it in your hands.

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