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SEPTEMBER 29, 2006
Bike Bin Project

Bikebin What started as a drunken experiment in Seattle quickly spiraled into a roving audio art extravaganza throughout the Emerald City. Musician Mike Min recorded himself speaking over a piece of music he had just created and sent the entire commentary to Chris DeLaurenti, a new music writer for The Stranger; Min expected he would just rip him apart. DeLaurenti instead stretched out Min's music, which is now titled "Sexecutive Cummary," and remixed it in his own way. Min decided to send the music out to other "composers" around Seattle and the result is the Bike Bin Project, a pre-recorded, downloadable bicycle tour with designated listening stations. If you're expecting a blend of sugary-sweet pop to guide you through a Starbucks-fueled day, get over it. What you'll get is a hodge-podge of experimental beats with spoken word, scrambled sounds and fuzzy incantations. It's not for everyone, but then again, art is subjective.

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