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APRIL 22, 2006
Product Review: Nokia 6682

I've been looking for a great way to get all of my communication tools in one place and have tried out a variety of gadgets, including a couple Blackberrys (more to come on that). One of the smart phones I came across was the Nokia 6682. With its sleek design, email functionality and built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, I thought my problems had been solved.

Or so I thought.

While there are a lot of things I love about the phone, there are a couple that bug me.

Full review after the jump...

For one, the camera isn't great. It has a very user-friendly interface -- you literally slide open the back of the phone to reveal the lens -- has a great zoom and multi-flash functionality. However, I've found that the picture quality is fairly poor. Sure, keep in mind this is a cellphone with a 1.3 mp camera, but unless the lighting in the room is great or you're up close to the photo subject, the image tends to come out blurry. Being that I see a lot of live music, I like to capture the bands on stage. Sometimes it works; most other times, however, I end up deleting the image.

Another is the email functionality. Having used a Blackberry, I'm spoiled. I like the "push" technology vs. the "pull" technology of the Nokia phone. If I want to access my email, I have to go online (which, if you don't have a multimedia package can increase monthly charges greatly) and wait for everything to download. Reading the email and attachments is fine, but removing the email from the phone is a cumbersome process. You have to first delete the email, then delete the "header" and log off. When you log back on, the email headers will erase from the phone. It took me awhile to figure this out and therefore deterred me from wanting to download more email for fear I would never be able to get them off the phone. Now that I know this, it's fine.

Finally, the battery life is not great. I don't know if this is particular to this phone or Nokia batteries in general because I've found this same problem with other Nokia phones. [I would like to say I've been a Nokia loyalist since 1999 so don't get me wrong -- I think the company makes some of the best, most user-friendly phones on the market.]

As for what I love about the phone -- the design is gorgeous. I love how it feels in my hand, the ease of use with the camera interface and the backlit keys that are light sensitive; if you go into a dark room, the keys sense this and light up. And if you do take a non-blurry picture (which does happen more times than not) you can print directly to a USB-compatible printer. The video capture is pretty impressive as well and has many add-ons to help edit and share videos and images.

It fits comfortably in my front pocket, which for a smart phone is impressive. The phone syncs up seamlessly via Bluetooth to my laptop and using the phone for texting is great -- it has a good use of predictive text and remembers words that you spell out. There are a lot of different buttons that serve different functions, but once I honed in on which button controls which menu, I was really impressed with the range of use. Apparently the phone is now shipping with MobiTV, a live TV functionality. I don't think the version I have includes this -- if it does, I haven't found it.

Overall, I really do dig this phone, but for email, I'll stick to my Blackberry.

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