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MARCH 18, 2006
Ain't Nothin' Crummy About These Cookies

When two blogger friends and an editor pal of an influential daily newsletter all espouse the magnificence that is Crummy Brothers Cookies, I just had to try them out for myself.

After getting samples of the entire product line, I of course went hand-first into the original chocolate chip box expecting nothing but utter brilliance. Sadly, I was a slightly disappointed by the crumbly cookie made with all organic ingredients. Undettered, I pushed on and tried the remaining 6 flavors in the product line.

And that's when I was won over. Completely.

With exotic combinations like Saffron Pistachio, Orange Blossom and Lavender, the Crummy Brothers have tapped into a, well, untapped commodity with these distinct nibbles. But when I opened the box of Lemon Ginger (two flavors I'm generally turned off by when it comes to sweets) I couldn't believe the gorgeous aroma wafting from the box. And the taste matched.

I do have to say that some of my favorite cookies in the world are Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. So when I sampled Crummy Brothers Peppermint Cookie, with organic cocoa, organic butter and organic peppermint, I nearly fell off my stool. How close in flavor but in a much larger presentation -- and no doubt so much healthier due to the organic cooking process.

Nice job Crummies. And love the packaging to boot.

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