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JANUARY 09, 2008
Radiohead Hitting North America this Summer

Radiohead this morning announced a North American jaunt. Sort of. It will take place in two segments -- with a break in the middle for an early summer European tour. While specific dates aren't set, the band will hit the following cities:

Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Indy, LA, Miami, Montreal, NYC, Philly, San Diego, SF, Santa Barbara, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver and DC.

Based on the above itinerary, it doesn't really seem like the band is playing any summer festivals -- although they do mention Chicago (Lolla?) and Philly (Vineland?) -- so who knows. But anyone hoping for Coachella or Bonnaroo ... the band isn't going anywhere near Indio or Manchester (unless LA hints toward Palm Springs, but that's a stretch). Either way, Radiohead is coming to America -- get psyched. Will they play sheds? small theaters? More info and exact dates coming soon...

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JANUARY 07, 2008
Acclaimed DJ BT Searching for Missing Daughter

** This Just In **

Acclaimed artist/producer BT speaks out on his missing daughter, Kaia Transeau, age 3- ½.  Kaia was abducted over three weeks ago by her mother.  There has been no contact since the first few days.  BT is making all reasonable efforts to find his daughter. Currently Kaia has been placed on the national missing persons NCIC (National Crime Information Center) list (phone number 1-304-625-2000).

BT states, “I am diligently and delicately working to do everything possible to amend this tragic family situation.  As a father my only goal is to get my daughter back home.   I appreciate your continued support and understanding in this desperate hour.”

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JANUARY 04, 2008
TV on the Radio Entering Studio

Tvotr Indie faves TV on the Radio are set to enter a Brooklyn recording studio in the coming weeks. While there isn't a lot of news to report, I can say that Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe have written a whole mess o' songs. Guitarist Dave Sitek will produce (he's worked with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scarlett Johansson, Beck and NIN) and the band is scheduled to start mixing around March (assuming all goes well with the recordings). No word yet on what guests will join them, but knowing TVOTR, they'll likely invite some influential musical pals into the studio. Unlike TVOTR's last album, 2006's Return to Cookie Mountain, whose release was held up with legal wranglings with their former label, Touch and Go, this still-untitled set will hopefully come out in the fall.

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JANUARY 01, 2008
Binocular Soccer

this is an absolutely hilarious clip from a 1984 show hosted by Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano.

two questions:
1. Why soccer with binoculars (if for no other reason than to make stoners laugh)?
2. What's up with those insane outfits?

watch and laugh...

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