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AUGUST 22, 2007
Pocket Shot: Drink Anywhere

Pocketshot Wallet -- check. Cell phone -- check. Gum -- check. Mini pocket of booze -- awww yeah. Alcohol consumption just got easier -- or possibly more dangerous, depending on how you look at it. Pocket Shot, developed by a South African (by way of Sheboygan Falls, Wis.) businessman (who is now back in the US), is a pocket-sized "dose" of alcohol -- vodka, tequila, rum, gin or whiskey -- that you can take camping, biking, fishing, golfing, clubbing -- even on a flight if you're sneaky enough. Actually, since it's so small, the Pocket Shot legally fits inside the small ziploc you're allowed to carry on with your toiletries, but I digress. The product currently is only being sold in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Wisconsin. I just got a note from founder Jarry Bachmann letting me know that they're launching in Illinois within the month. In addition to giving you a fun and handy little sack o' drink (each is a 50 ml single-serve of 80 proof alcohol), Pocket Shot's packaging is also eco-friendly, so you can get drunk and babble about saving the planet.

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AUGUST 02, 2007
Lolla Rumor: Ben Harper to play with Pearl Jam?

I know it's been awhile since my last post -- and I apologize greatly for that. I've been super busy producing UR Chicago magazine. If you haven't picked up a copy (in Chicago) check out our website and get a feel for what's going on over there. but enough of that ...

I interviewed Ben Harper a few weeks ago for UR Chicago's Green Issue, which also features loads of interviews with other bands playing either Lollapalooza or the Pitchfork Music Festival. During our chat, we discussed his Friday night headlining set at Lolla and he mentioned that he's likely going to hang out in Chicago for the weekend, take in some other sets and basically just relax. He also said that there's a good chance, although at the time it wasn't confirmed, that he's going to join Pearl Jam on stage Sunday night to jam. He didn't say which song or if he would sit in on more than one, but any Ben Harper fans have another thing to look forward to this weekend. Hopefully it will be something really crazy and special to help close out what should be an unbelievable weekend.

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