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APRIL 11, 2007
Official Lollapalooza 2007 Lineup: M.I.A., Pearl Jam, MMJ, Iggy, Roots, TVOTR -- so many more

The lineup for Lollapalooza is out and while a lot of the bands I previously wrote about are confirmed there are so many more great acts. Big names: Pearl Jam, Daft Punk, Ben Harper, Muse, Iggy & The Stooges, Modest Mouse, Interpol, My Morning Jacket, Satellite Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Snow Patrol, The Roots, Patti Smith, Kings Of Leon.

The whole she-bang:

Amy Winehouse
Bang Bang Bang
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Blonde Redhead
Blue October
Boud Stems
Cary Ott
Charlie Musselwhite
Chin Up Chin Up
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Clour Revolt
Cold War Kids
Daft Punk
David Vandervelde

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APRIL 10, 2007
Chemical Bros Record with Willy Mason, Klaxons

Chemicalbrothersaw02 Those crazy Chemical Brothers are back with their latest release, We Are the Night, and this time they've picked up some really cool indie rock bands and singers, including Willy Mason, the Klaxons and Midlake. The set, due to drop June 19, is the duo's sixth full length, which follows the fantastic party-starter 2005's Push the Button that featured Q-Tip on the lead single, "Galvanize." The Chems have been sneaking in songs off this album throughout the last year while spinning at clubs around the globe. The first single, "Do it Again," featuring vocals by Ali Love, should give an indication of the direction of the album when it hits soon. The boys are doing an exclusive set at Glastonbury and will tour the U.S. in September.

Full track listing for We Are the Night:

No Path To Follow
We Are The Night
All Rights Reversed (Featuring The Klaxons)
Do It Again (Featuring  Ali Love)
Das Spiegel
The Salmon Dance (Featuring Fatlip)
Burst Generator
A Modern Midnight Conversation
Battle Scars (Featuring Willy Mason)
The Pills Won’t Help You Now (Featuring Midlake)

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APRIL 09, 2007
Interview: Peter Moren of Peter, Bjorn and John

Pbj Last month, I ran into Peter, Bjorn and John at the airport in Austin on our way out of South by Southwest and recently followed up with lead singer Peter Moren at home in Stockholm. The band is about to kick off a lengthy U.S. tour (following a bunch of shows in Europe) with British indie dance rockers Fujiya & Miyagi and Brooklyn's all-female indie trio Au Revoir Simone. I've written a decent amount about PB&J already and by now you've likely heard their infectious pop hit "Young Folks." If not, you really need to stop reading this from under that rock.

SomethingGlorious: What do you think of the buzz and media attention you're getting?
Peter Moren: It's amazing to finally being able to do this at a somewhat higher level, then we used to. Especially in the states we are getting a lot of buzz I understand, which of course is great. I do understand if people, so called "indie-talibans," can get annoyed of the amount of exposure certain artists get at a certain time, which might prevent them of giving the music a decent chance. I've been there and done that myself. For example, I couldn't listen at all to the Strokes when they first came, because they were so hyped. But then six months later I actually got into their album and liked it a lot. And also for every band getting attention, there's always another great one -- or indeed lots of them -- overshadowed. But for of course for us the effect is only for the better at this stage, since we want to reach a wider audience. And we think we're worth it!

SG: When we chatted in the airport in Austin after South by Southwest, you said you felt your first label didn't pay enough attention - or spend enough money - to get your music out there. Do you think you finally landed somewhere that understands the importance of marketing your sound?
PM: I don't want to blame anyone for anything. Our first two labels were tiny, tiny Swedish indies without any kind of resources. Basically they were friends and music lovers. You can't sell a lot of our type of music in Sweden anyway; we still don't sell a lot of albums in Sweden, not even of Writer's Block. Sweden is too small; to have a career with just one indie-band, you have to have different things/projects going on at the same time, like Bjorn, who produces. What I did mean was that this time, we've been able to more or less get worldwide distribution and different licensing deals and I think our new label, V2 in Sweden, has been better at working these things out. Our second album, Falling Out, did come out in the States in 2005, again on a small label [Hidden Agenda] without lots of resources. Also we didn't tour it or promote it. We just put it out and that was it. The US media couldn't capitalize on any pre-European buzz, since as I said, the first two only came out in Sweden. But I totally salute Hidden Agenda for being first over there in finding us.

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APRIL 06, 2007
Sanctuary Records Closing

Sanctuary Records, home to such diverse acts as Morrissey, Widespread Panic, Tegan & Sara and former Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan (who has an album coming out mid May), announced they're closing down the U.S. operations of their record label this summer. Sanctuary, which is HQ'd in the UK, will continue to run a catalog operation out of their U.S. offices, but the closing is part of overall strategic realignment, according to Billboard.

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APRIL 01, 2007
Achatz Handmade Pie Co.

Fourberry Some things are just too good to not talk about and Achatz Handmade Pie Co. pies fall into that category. Created in a converted barn in Michigan, the all-natural pies are crafted with locally grown fresh fruit (never canned), pure cream from cows not injected with the potentially carcinogenic rBGH, rich butter, pure vanilla and other wonderful ingredients that come naturally from the earth. I first discovered the Michigan Four Berry Pie at Whole Foods in Chicago last year and my partner Drew and I brought it to a dinner party. This pie was one of the most indulgent, delectable desserts any of us had ever eaten (and believe me, we've eaten plenty) that four of us polished off the entire thing. Made with fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries and finished off with a crumb topping made with pure butter, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and unbleached flour, this pie is pure heavenly insanity. I've yet to have one of their cream pies, but I see one entering my life in the near future. But what started with pies has blossomed into a full-on bakery featuring quiche, streusel, cheesecake, cookies, banana bread and more. If you're in the Chicago, Cleveland or Detroit areas, I recommend hunting these down. Achatz has five stores -- and also sell their pies online. [Side note: one thing I find interesting is that the family's last name is the same as the famed Chicago chef Grant Achatz who owns the award-winning restaurant Alinea -- coincidence? I think not as a quick Wikipedia search says young Grant worked in his parents' restaurant in Michigan. Prior to opening the pie company, the Achatz's owned a successful restaurant ... in Michigan. If they are related it's good to see that great cooking runs in the family.]

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Puma Opens Black Station Tokyo Shop

This weekend, Puma opened a Black Station store in Tokyo, the third store of its kind. Black Station is a Puma-supported cutting-edge collaboration between multiple designers, including Alexander McQueen, 96HOURS (Neil Barrett's line), Mihara Yasuhiro and others. The forward-thinking line gives Puma lovers an edge over other consumers not only in what they wear but also where and how they shop. This space, with its clean lines and minimalist interior, looks like it will bode well with the Japanese consumer.


[via Hypebeast]

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