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FEBRUARY 10, 2007
Weiner Circle Hilarity

Anyone who spent a considerable amount of time in Chicago in their 20s knows the Weiner's Circle (hell, anyone who's spent any amount of time in Chicago should know this place). This almost always-open hot dog stand in the heart of Lincoln Park is the source of some serious late night hilarity. The mostly African American staff has learned to, how do you say, dole out its fair share of shit to the obnoxious drunk (mostly white) patrons who hit the spot every Friday and Saturday night. Essentially, the more obnoxious you are the more trash talk ensues -- and it's all done in good fun. Last week, a group of frat guys from an AEPi house somewhere captured a moment on video. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this lady isn't your typical Torah-reading, kosher-keeping, synagogue-going Jew. Watch ... this shit is funny as hell.

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