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FEBRUARY 28, 2007
Bryan Ferry Covers Dylan on New Album

Bferry Roxy Music founder and glam rock pioneer Bryan Ferry is set to release a collection of Dylan covers, titled Dylanesque, on June 19 on Capitol Records. The album, which will feature acoustic versions of many of Dylan's classic songs, was recorded in one week with Ferry's touring band and features a collaboration with Roxy Music co-founder Brian Eno, who spiced up "It's Not For You." Other guests include Robin Trower, who played guitar on "All Along the Watchtower," and Warren Ellis who added string arrangements on "Positively 4th Street." Other songs on Dylanesque include “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” “Simple Twist of Fate," “All I Really Want To Do” and “Make You Feel My Love,” from Time Out of Mind. This isn't the first time Ferry pays homage to his musical hero: he covered "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" in 1973, “It Ain’t Me, Babe” in 1974, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” and “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” in 2002.   

Dylanesque track listing:

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Simple Twist Of Fate
Make You Feel My Love
The Times They Are A-Changin'
All I Really Want To Do
Knockin' On Heavens Door
Positively 4th Street
If Not For You
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
Gates Of Eden
All Along The Watchtower

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Interview: Field Music's David Brewis

Field_music1 Sunderland, England's Field Music has the quirkiness of Talking Heads, drama of Queen, country essence of the Band, prog leanings of Lamb Lies Down on Broadway-era Genesis and the ballsiness of Futureheads, but deliver their music in a softer, more charming package. Brothers Peter and David Brewis and good pal Andrew Moore craft intricately tight joyous prog pop that has earned them fans at home in the UK. Their newest CD, Tones of Town, hit Stateside on Feb. 20 to critical praise. SomethingGlorious interviewed David Brewis as part of URB magazine's Next 100, which lands in April.

SomethingGlorious: I know there was a lot of momentum behind your first release and now you're being called a Next Big Thing - how does that sit with you?
David Brewis: Are we? I think it's fairly accepted in the UK that we are a marginal concern; ripe for a bit of critical acclaim but too willful by half to ever sell many records. The first record was quite well-received by a fair proportion of music enthusiasts and if that means more people will get to hear the new one, then all the better. In the dim and distant past I think we managed to find a way to detach ourselves from the little commercial expectation pushed our way. We're acutely aware that if we think too much about what people want from us, then it'll probably adversely affect what we're capable of doing.

SG: When I listen to Tones of Town I hear very early Genesis, some Steely Dan, the Band, Phoenix - and even some Stephen Malkmus at times. Who do you consider your influences?
DB: Well, the list is a long one. I can honestly say that I don't feel like I've been influenced by Steely Dan at all, though now having heard a couple of albums I can see how people are coming to that conclusion. I'm not entirely sure who Phoenix are - that French band? I really like some of Pavement's albums, but I wouldn't have them down as an overt influence, not in quite the same way I've been inspired by Flaming Lips records or Jim O'Rourke or [Beck's] Odelay. The Band on the other hand are quite a big one - those first two albums are beautifully put-together, wonderfully sung and played - they made a lot of quite unusual arrangement ideas sound absolutely natural.

SG: Do each of you bring something different to the fold?
DB: The most obvious reference points for the three of us together are the things we were listening to and finding out about between the ages of 14 and 19; I'll still always go back to the Beatles' records because there's so much detail, so much adventure. When we first started playing together me and Peter loved Led Zeppelin and Andy was a huge Doors fan. Later on I discovered Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground, Television, Talking Heads. We also started listening to a lot of jazz - especially those unarguable totems like Duke Ellington, Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman - all of whom have been huge influences. I even bought a Genesis album, such was my appetite for music I hadn't heard before. It was The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway that I have huge fondness for despite its many flaws. I tried to get into Selling England By The Pound but couldn't - it did lead me onto Peter Gabriel's early solo albums which have become a bit of an obsession. In the last few years I've also developed a healthy love for Prince and Sonic Youth, and am always keen to hear bizarre, original hip-hop records - the likes of Missy Elliott or Neptunes-produced stuff, Outkast - I love the way those records are constructed, the liberties they take with rhythm and texture. "Change Clothes" by Jay-Z is probably my favorite single of the last five years. And more recently still, we've been rediscovering the things we heard around the house when we were kids - So by Peter Gabriel, Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oates - it's good stuff that I'd been ignoring for far too long.

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FEBRUARY 27, 2007
Arctic Monkeys Announce Single Details

15_arcticmonkeys Arctic Monkeys, whose follow up (Favourite Worst Nightmare) to their firestarter debut drops April 24, will release the first single, "Brianstorm," on April 17 with a digial format hitting the web on April 2. The digital single will include three new tracks, including "Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend," a collaboration with Dizzee Rascal.

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FEBRUARY 26, 2007
Snowboarding ... Feh

So I decided to take a snowboard lesson this morning and after about an hour, I fell backward (after trying to not hit other people in my group) and partially dislocated my shoulder. While laying in the snow, feeling like I'm going to hurl, my shoulder popped back into place but I spent the rest of the day off the slopes with ice on it in my condo. Nice way to start the vacay, no? Tomorrow I'm going back to what I know best: skiing. I may have not been on skis in about 10 years, but I guarantee I'll feel a lot more in control. For anyone who's ever had a shoulder pop out of place you know the pain. Anyone else, it's one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced in my life. I don't wish it on anybody.

anyone else have bad snowboarding stories?

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FEBRUARY 24, 2007

It's been 10 long years but I'm heading back to Telluride for a week-long ski excursion. I haven't been on the slopes since my last trip so things should be interesting. I am planning on taking both ski and snowboard lessons -- so watch out!

Hopefully I'll be able to post while out there, but it might be sporadic.


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FEBRUARY 21, 2007
Sasquatch '07: Bjork, Beasties, Arcade Fire!

Sasquatch What could be better than camping out in one of the most beautiful settings in North America (The Gorge in George, Washington) listening to two-days of amazing music enhanced with all-natural acoustics? In my opinion, not much. And Sasquatch has come up with one of the best lineups for a summer music fest I've seen so far, including Bjork, Beasties, Arcade Fire and M.I.A. The Memorial Day Weekend hoedown is certified carbon neutral to help the environment (go green!!); tickets go on sale March 3 and will be $55 per day -- but be aware that prices go up $10 a day on March 5 and will be $75 a day at the festival (if any tickets are still available).

Full 2007 Sasquatch Festival Lineup (more announced soon):

Saturday 5/26

Arcade Fire
Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System
Citizen Cope
Neko Case
The Hold Steady
Grizzly Bear
Ghostland Observatory
Two Gallants
The Slip
Loney, Dear
The Thermals
Viva Voce
The Blow
Gabriel Teodros

Sunday 5/27

Beastie Boys
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Bad Brains
Dandy Warhols
The Black Angels
Tokyo Police Club
Money Mark
St. Vincent
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter
Common Market
Helio Sequence
Minus The Bear

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FEBRUARY 19, 2007
Sirius and XM to Merge

It was just announced moments ago that Sirius and XM satellite radios are merging with Mel Karmazin stepping up as CEO of the new company. This means the two companies will create one powerhouse catering to 14 million current subscribers with a slew of amazing programming.

This is massive news.

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FEBRUARY 18, 2007
A Pinch of Salt

Pinch Craighton Berman, a local industrial designer I met a couple of months ago after a presentation given by Josh Spear in Chicago, was just awarded an honorable mention at Design Within Reach's "Modern+Design+Function" Exhibition for Pinch, an eggshell white salt and pepper set. The design was inspired by a chef's salt cellar kept next to the stove top for easy access. Berman's design took it to the next level by incorporating a round pepper shaker (filled through a cork-enclosed hole in the bottom) that fits into the salt cellar, creating a natural cover to keep the salt from being exposed to the elements (or curious dirty fingers). While the set is in production development, there are limited quantities for sale. To inquire, shoot Berman an email. And tell him I say hi. If you like Pinch hit Fueled By Coffee, Craighton's blog where he muses mostly about design and music.

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Ribcap_2 Hitting your head while skiing can put a real damper on your vacation. That's what the creators behind Swiss-based Ribcap thought too. So they designed a new hat to protect their noggins. Yours too. In addition to being really cool, super stylish and hip, the secret behind Ribcap's push into the marketplace is what's inside the woolen cap: d3o.

D3o, created by d3o Lab in England, is a flexible, rubber-like material sewn into the cap that hardens upon impact -- immediately. There isn't a chance to blink -- it hardens to protect your head that fast. And as soon as the impact is over, the material becomes soft and mushy again. This is one of those concepts that's somewhat hard to grasp -- how can something become hard that fast? -- but once you see it in action, you get it right away. Wearing a Ribcap, which is guaranteed to work down to approximately -10 degrees,  gives you a stylish alternative to wearing a helmet on the slopes. Instead of a cumbersome hard structure, you get a soft and cozy knit cap made of a wool/polyester blend that helps reduce itching.

The first batch of hats, designed by Berlin-based design company Frisch, premiered in 2005 -- sixRibcap2_1 years after Ribcap founder Jürg Ramseier, a former ski instructor in the Swiss Alps, concepted the idea. The latest designs came to life by Basel design duo, Lisa & Tom. All in all, there are 10 styles in various colors and designs. Ribcaps are available at retail throughout Switzerland for about $100 and from a few online shops, which are all written in German.

The beauty of d3o is that is can realistically be woven into nearly anything -- pants, gloves, shoes -- to offer ultimate protection against problems in everyday life, even the impact of (the off-chance of) getting hit by a car can be greatly reduced. There are already a number of sports recreation clothing companies incorporating d3o technology into their products -- and I only imagine this will continue to permeate the fashion industry.

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FEBRUARY 17, 2007
Crazy? Or Gearing Up for G.I. Jane 2?


Girlfriend has gone overboard. Think maybe we need to give our celebs a little more space?

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