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JANUARY 08, 2007
TivoToGo Finally for Mac

Tivo Tivo today announced that it is finally making available its TivoToGo application for Mac users. The company teamed with Roxio, which will offer the service through its Toast 8 Titanium disc-burning software. Now Mac users with a broadband connection and at least a Tivo Series2 unit can download recorded programs and watch them on their computer, video iPod or burn them to a DVD to store for future watching. The Roxio app retails for $99, but buy before Jan. 12 and save $10 and get a free Tivo Glo remote, a $49.99 value. You can download TivoToGo and buy Toast.

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JANUARY 07, 2007
Josh Rouse Returns with New Side Project

Rouse Josh Rouse has long been a favorite singer of mine. Since the release of 1972, Josh's music is a constant in my rotation. A few years ago, he got divorced, left Nashville and settled on Spain's east coast, where he met and fell in love with Paz Suay, a Spanish native and fellow singer. Last year, Josh introduced Paz's vocals on his release Subtitulo where the pair dueted on the beautiful "The Man Who Doesn't Know How to Smile."

On Jan. 30, Josh will release the five-song EP She's Spanish, I'm American, a new side project with Paz, whose breathy voice perfectly complements Josh's gorgeous light singing. The collection is a dreamy, refreshing escape from reality that's ironically seeped in reality. Through poppy keyboard strokes, bouncy drumbeats, kicky cowbell and Jerry Garcia-like electro guitar, the EP is a quick snapshot of a couple in love.

The idea for the project sprouted after Paz toured with Josh to support Subtitulo. He said, "I thought it would be fun to do something with Paz cuz I like her voice, I like female singers with accents and I had some songs I thought she would sound good on."

They recorded the songs in a small home studio, but didn't use a real drummer. Instead they used GarageBand drumbeats and would then send the tracks over IM to The Bees singer Daniel Tashian, who co-wrote songs with Josh for Subtitulo.

The first single, "Car Crash," outlines the couple's experience while riding in the back of a New York taxi feeling like at any given moment they could die. It's typical Rouse, revisiting his 1970s roots and just having a great time with a heavy topic.

Listen to Car Crash

Pre-order an autographed copy of She's Spanish, I'm American from the AwareStore or download it at iTunes.

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Arcade Fire Set Release Date for Neon Bible, Reveal Tracklisting?

One thing that makes the Arcade Fire one of the most engaging and intriguing bands of this era is their overall genius and creativity. Instead of allowing their album to leak on the Internet before its March 6 release date (March 5 in Europe), the band is strategically posting information themselves. First, they set up the call line to reveal "Intervention," then came the accidental leak of "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations," which allegedly was an accident but who knows these days. Then singer Win Butler posted a third song, "Black Mirror," on their website, saying that it's the first single.

Now comes the posting by the mysterious Noreen Bauble on YouTube. The video shows a masked man who identifies himself as "Juno Award Winning guitarist Richard Reed Parry of the Arcade Fire." He sits in a director's chair (which when he gets up at the end of the video reveals the name Win Butler -- again, the band toying with us -- was the masked man really the band's leader?) with a megaphone and asks "Do you remember how music used to make you feel?" He then reveals the tracklisting for the new album, after saying he wants to talk about the future of music. Then, one by one, the song titles scroll onto the screen. And in 2:13, it's done, but so much has been said. But is what we just saw the actual tracklist or just another way to keep fans' attention? There's already huge hype and anticipation surrounding this release and the Arcade Fire is doing a tremendous job stoking the flames.

Neon Bible tracklisting:

01. Black Mirror
02. Keep The Car Running
03. Neon Bible
04. Intervention
05. Black Wave Bad Vibrations
06. Ocean of Noise
07. The Well & The Lighthouse
08. Antichrist Television Blues
09. Windowsill
10. No Cars Go
11. My Body is a Cage

[via Stereogum]

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JANUARY 03, 2007

Kashwere If you discovered a material that, when you touched it, immediately filled you with joy -- would you ever let it go? Would you want to roll around in it? Fill your wardrobe with it? Dress your baby or dog with it? Cover your couch with it? If you discovered Kashwére you would.

A sensational synthetic fabric that's a cross between cashmere, chenille and fleece, Kashwére is one of the softest things I have ever put against my body. What started as a small company making robes has exploded and now manufactures everything from baby wraps and men's caps to blankets, bath mats, socks and day beds.  Kashwére is so amazingly soft and delectable, that major spas, including those at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay and Four Seasons Whistler, outfit their treatment rooms with the furniture.

The fabric is completely washable (washer and dryer safe) -- even pillow covers come off the couch for easy cleaning. There's a Kashwére boutique in LA on Melrose and a line of dog products available at FurrMe. I stumbled upon Kashwére at Plush Living, a great home store in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, that is, I believe, this city's exclusive carrier of the line.

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Debate: Did Gerald Ford Cheat James Brown?

Jamesgerald At the end of last year (it seems sooo long ago now, doesn't it?), America lost two icons -- one musical, the other political. James Brown died first (and somewhat suddenly) on Christmas Day. America was stunned, saddened and focused on the death of this genius who had one of the biggest impacts on the musical landscape. The next day, headlines screamed that Gerald Ford -- at 93 and who had been sick -- died as well.

As soon as Ford died, the media seemingly lost interest in James Brown and focused completely on funeral arrangements for Ford, interviewing anybody and everybody who knew the onetime half-term president who wasn't even elected (he wasn't even chosen as a VP -- he was sworn in under the terms of the 25th Amendment after Spiro Agnew resigned). Sure, troops were withdrawn from Vietnam during his term, but Ford was also heavily criticized for pardoning Richard Nixon. James Brown influenced countless musicians and singers -- gospel, rock, R&B, soul, funk -- during the last 50 years.

So, two questions:

1) Was the media correct to drop coverage of James Brown and turn its collective attention to Gerald Ford?
2) Which of these men had a bigger impact on the zeitgeist of America?

weigh in.

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