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JANUARY 21, 2007
Nigel Godrich's From the Basement

Thomyorke Music producer Nigel Godrich has gone a step further in bringing amazing musical moments to fans. By launching From the Basement, an online/digital-only program featuring the best of the best, Godrich will give fans access to intimate performances. Each show is shot in London in hi-def at the BBC's Maida Vale studios (home of John Peel's The Peel Sessions) without a host or studio audience. It's all about the musicians and their music.

The first episode features Thom Yorke solo on a piano introducing a number of songs from Radiohead's forthcoming album, a set from the White Stripes and an off-the-cuff session between Four Tet's Kieran Hebden and legendary jazz drummer Steve Reid, who has played with everyone from Miles Davis, James Brown and Sun Ra. Episode two features Beck and Jamie Lidell. While future shows have yet to be announced, you can register to stay on top of the news. Godrich told Pitchfork in a recent interview:

"We've got a lot of people that I'd like to see on the show [that] we're talking to. [But] I don't want to mention their names. Obviously, I'm really interested to capture some really iconic, bigger names-- really the whole point is to get people who are having their moment, to try and get a definitive record of what they're doing."

"And also, I've got a lot of friends in smaller bands," continued Godrich, "and there's an element of trying to promote stuff that we think is good."

View the trailer or download the first episode to your iPod.

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