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DECEMBER 20, 2006
I'm Not Fat ...

Fat When my friend, Grimmy, who works in a fast-passed, high-stress job for Ralph Lauren, quit smoking after nearly 20 years, he naturally gained weight. But, and you must understand that my friend has never minced words nor taken crap from anybody (at least he won't admit to doing so), he was shocked -- shocked! -- at not only how fat he'd gotten, but that nobody seemed to care that he quit his nasty habit. To get back and the world that now looked at him askance -- for he was fat -- Grimmy created a line of simple, straight-forward T-shirts that say: I'm Not Fat. I Quit Smoking.

I don't know that he's lost any of the weight, but at least he has a bunch of XXL T-shirts he can wear to explain what happened. Knowing how creative Grim is, I think he could've done more with the design, but the message is funny as hell.

Just quit smoking? Gaining weight? Get a T-shirt and tell the world to fuck off.

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DECEMBER 19, 2006
Interview: Nick Peill of Fields

Thefields_200 Let the race for big British buzz band of 2007 begin. With the release of a hugely popular seven-song EP titled 7 From the Village, London's Fields have already taken a big lead. After nearly giving up on the music industry, founder Nick Peill met up with Icelandic singer Thorunn Antonia. Following a few months of hanging out, drinking in pubs and general carousing, the duo rounded out a band with Henry Spenner, Matty Derham and Jamie Putnam and something clicked. Instead of saying fuck it, the fivesome decided to fast-track themselves to a gig, which lead to them pressing 1000 copies of a single, which got played on the radio which eventually sold out in two hours.

Not bad for almost walking away.

This sparked a frenzy, but it's a fire that's being contained. Why? Fields don't want it to get out of control. Instead they want people to organically discover their music. And speaking of the music, it's virtually unable to peg Fields into a genre; they come to the game with a smattering of influences. From Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and the shoegazing bands of the '90s to '60s psychedelic pop and '70s folk rock, the music is accessible, energetic, gorgeous, intense and, dare I say, fun-loving. For even the biggest music snob, Fields is hard to dislike. And while their music comes across on the softer side, the band recently held their own on a pan-European tour for MTV2 with hard rockers Wolfmother and Forward Russia.

Fields is currently working on a full-length album with producer Michael Beinhorn (Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and will likely release that CD in 2007. Look for the band during their first-ever US tour, which will include a stop at SXSW.

Before heading into the interview, check out some songs:

Song for the Fields


Ok, now read the entire interview or just listen to it now (you may have to turn up the volume -- the connection made the chat slightly soft).

Q&A with Nick Peill of Fields:

SomethingGlorious: You were the ever-missing man this week!
Nick Peill: Yesterday, I totally forgot. I went into a recording studio with another band to do backing vocals on their album and my phone was off.

SG: Who were you in the studio with?
NP: They're called Good Book; they're a fairly up and coming band over here. We basically went down with a guy from Mystery Jets and some other people in bands who sang backing vocals – it was like Live Aid. Cajun Dance Party, a young London band, and some other people I don't remember were there.

SG: Where are you right now?
NP: I'm at home – it's my only day off in like three or four months. It's nice to be not in a venue or not on a tour bus.

SG: Where is home:
NP: Home for this week is just outside of London near Reading. I'm moving into London before Christmas.

Continue reading "Interview: Nick Peill of Fields" »

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Dick in a Box

Seriously -- is Andy Samberg the funniest guy to come through SNL in years?

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Tapes 'n Tapes Robbed In Australia; One Member Unable to Leave Country

Tapes Tapes 'n Tapes were set to leave Australia after their first downunder tour when their tour van was broken into and many of the personal belongings were stolen. The worst part: the guys were enjoying a dip in the Indian Ocean, celebrating the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere, clueless that their stuff was being nicked.

This note was posted on their MySpace page:

first off, we'd like to thank everyone who came out to our shows in japan and australia. we felt really fortunate to get the opportunity to play in such wonderful places. it was one of the coolest things any of us will ever get to do. so thanks, to everyone who made it so much fun, and to beautiful australian weather, that warmed our cold minnesota bodies.

unfortunately, not everything was flowers and sunshine downunder. on friday, only a few hours before we were scheduled to fly home from perth, we got robbed. our van was parked at city beach (right outside of perth, australia), while we were taking a brief frolic in the indian ocean. our tour manager left the van unattended for about 10 minutes, and when we came back, someone had pried open a window and stole a lot of our personal belongings. Luckily very little of our gear was stolen (only 2 big muff distortion pedals, one boss loop station, one DW9000 kick drum pedal, and a tambourine). But our personal belongings did not fair so well. One of our passports was stolen, two mac laptops were stolen, one digital camera, all of josh's clothes, one blackberry, two cell phones, and all sorts of various inconvenient personal effects (glasses, keys, wallets, shoes, etc.).

So far nothing has been recovered by the police. One of us is still stuck in Australia, sorting out passport details, but hopefully that should be resolved in the next 48hrs. The biggest thing that we lost from all of this was years worth of photos and other sentimental stuff stored on the two computers that were stolen. we'll probably never see any of these things again, but in the off chance that any of you might come across any of it, we've added some descriptive information below. thanks to everyone who's already helped us out with all of this.

via Brooklyn Vegan

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DECEMBER 16, 2006
EBTG's Tracey Thorn Releases Single, Readies Full CD

Tracey After nearly seven long years, Everything But the Girl singer Tracey Thorn is finally coming out of hiding and putting out a solo CD -- solo in the sense that it's not an EBTG release with husband DJ Ben Watt. The singer with one of the most recognizable voices from the '90s has collaborated with a a variety of musicians and producers to create Out  of The Woods, a collection that should prove to be an amalgam of Tracey's disparate influences -- techno, downtempo, early '80s dance pop and more.

Her main partner-in-crime on the album is Ewan Pearson, known for his production/remix skills on the UK dance music scene and work with Nelly Furtado and Goldfrapp. The two worked on seven tracks, including a cover of Arthur Russell's "Get Around To It," which features the Rapture's Gabe Andruzzi on sax. There's also a cover of Pet Shop Boys' "King's Cross" backed by a brass band. Not one to mince words, Tracey wrote a downtempo ballad called "A-Z" about the bullying of gay teens in school. Another track, "Raise the Roof," Tracey describes as a  "shimmery piece of Scritti Politti-style pop."

The first single, "It's All True," kicks off with a sped-up, synth-infused sampling that sounds like it was nicked from Madonna's "Express Yourself," but as soon as the lush vocals kick in, it's undeniably Tracey getting back to her roots. It was recently debuted by Ben Watt at his show at Galaxy and dropped into a Pete Tong set.

Check it out on her MySpace page. Look for Out of the Woods to be released by Virgin UK in February. According to my source at Virgin US, the album is, unfortunately, not on the 2007 release schedule on this side of the pond.

[song tip via Arjan]

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DECEMBER 15, 2006
Trey Anastasio Busted for DWI

Trey Former Phish lead singer and current solo artist Trey Anastasio was arrested early this morning (Dec. 15) in Whitehall, N.Y., for DWI and possession of controlled substances. Trey was arrested after failing to stay to the right of the center line and failed a field sobriety test. Police found hydrocodone (the generic version of Vicodin), Xanax and Percocet, all prescribed to someone else. He was also driving on a suspended license. It appears that Trey was en route to his home in Vermont, as Whitehall is close to the state line. He was arrested and released on his own recognizance and is to scheduled to return for a court hearing in the future.

Earlier this year, Trey admitted to freebasing cocaine in a Rolling Stone interview.

via The Smoking Gun

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DECEMBER 12, 2006
One to Watch: The Lemurs

RecordcoverLately a lot of great new bands have been coming to my attention; the latest comes as a tip from my pal Matt at the Tripwire. Hailing from Austin, The Lemurs have enough rock gumption to say they're from that classic music town and enough musical girth to stand up against many of their post-punk contemporaries. At first listen, Franz Ferdinand, Violent Femmes, the Strokes ("They Do What They Like" reminds me of "Juicebox") and Bloc Party (the angular, chunky guitars of Lemurs "The Lemon Tree" in particular) come to mind -- even a little bit of Morrissey vocals. It's great that a band like this hails from Texas and not Brooklyn, the LES or England -- it's refreshing. There's something about Lemurs' music that's immediately infectious, that grabs you and makes you want to listen more. There's a lot of power and construction behind the music and I can only imagine how well it translates to a live setting. If anyone has seen these guys, I'd love to hear your feedback.

In the meantime, check out a couple of MP3s from their EP, which you can buy at CDBaby or through the band's MySpace page.

the Lemon Tree

My Definition

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Shufflesome iPod Sticker Outfits

Shufflesome_2 There was a time when having the same, white earbuds as other people in the world meant you were part of a community. It signified that you were ahead of the curve, that you knew how cool it was to have an iPod. But then everyone got one and, well, maybe you didn't want to be associated with everyone anymore. Shufflesome remedies that need for individuality with their iPod Sticker Outfits -- skin-like covers that dress up your iPod in a variety of senses. Shufflesome outfits are designed for the Nano and now for the second-generation Shuffle (just launched last week) by an international collective comprising 32 artists spanning 14 nations (including Italy, Spain, Australia, China and the US) and was started in Cologne, Germany by Alexander Ebrahim Schneider. Whether you're into a ghetto blaster, flowers, skulls, snowboarding or a leather fetish gorilla, you'll be hard-pressed to not find something to make your iPod your own. And you can submit your own designs for consideration -- and if you're a company, submit your corporate identity for a custom sticker outfit. Shufflesome Outfits are sold worldwide and cost about $9.

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M. Ward Rare Solo Dates

Mward M. Ward just announced a handful of rare solo dates in support of his forthcoming single and EP "To Go Home," which hits in February.

Matt will only be in these cities so book your flights now if you don't live nearby:

26-Jan  New York, NY  @  Town Hall
27-Jan  Toronto, ONT @  Mod Club
29-Jan Chicago, IL @  Park West
2-Feb   Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey
4-Feb   San Francisco, CA @  Bimbos 365

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Thom Yorke Releases The Eraser Remixes

Thom On Monday, Thom Yorke posted two remixes from his experimental album The Eraser. The songs, "The Clock" (remixed by Surgeon) and "Analyse" (remixed by Various) will be available for free through December 18. Thom posted a note on his site where he hinted that more remixes may be headed our way, but stopped short of saying what or when. After hearing the mixes, he called them "some freaky shit" and referred to Surgeon as "a master." After listening to "The Clock," I have to agree. It perfectly captures Thom's haunting vocals set to a dark, twisted and kinetic looping beat with a little tribal undertone with a didgeridoo sneaking in midway through. As far as "Analyse," I say, eh, not so much -- maybe it's because it never really goes anywhere. Or perhaps it's because it's based on a drum-n-bass backbeat and I can't stand drum-n-bass.

Thom's full note:

"For anyone who has heard The Eraser, there are some remixes coming.
I got excited. I've been listening through. I mean. There's some freaky shit.
They may start appearing soon. Gradually. Briefly. Just a taste. And then gone.
First there is Surgeon's Rmx of The Clock.
This was the one that made me think, we got to start getting these out
I was chuffed he wanted to do it as think he is a MASTER.
He has turned it into something really hard. And disco.
Well what i call disco anyhow.
It made me very proud.

I hope it gets played in a club somewhere.
Not that i get out much nowadays.

Peace to us all during the festive season.


Listen to both tracks here (believe me, it's a helluva lot easier than sifting through Thom's crazy site):


The Clock

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