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NOVEMBER 30, 2006
World AIDS Day -- Make AIDS History

Support World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is Friday Dec. 1 and now more than ever before, we need to concentrate on not only stamping out this dreaded disease but also helping people around the world living with HIV/AIDS. According to, nearly 40 MILLION people have died around the world from AIDS since 1981. In 2006 alone, 3 million people have died. There are 12 million AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa and the rate of HIV infection in India and China is skyrocketing -- there's no point in promoting the number because there are hundreds of thousands of unreported cases in those countries.

What can you do about it? For one, talk about it. Don't be afraid to tell people what the disease is and that there's no shame in having it. What else? Wear a condom if you have sex -- it's the easiest way to have a healthy sex life and not get infected. Another thing, go to Light to Unite and light a candle. For every candle that's lit, Bristol-Myers Squibb will donate $1 to the cause. The website says they're only donating $100,000, but there's already more than 160,000 candles lit -- I feel that if the website gets flooded with traffic, the drug company will change its tune and give more money -- god knows itAidsribbon_1 has it to give.

Other things you can do? Buy RED products from Gap, Motorola, Armani, Apple and more and buy pillows from Treehugger. Every time you buy, money gets donated to women and children suffering from AIDS in Africa. You can also purchase Hanson's new song, "Great Divide," on iTunes; 100 percent of the money raised from this song directly benefits AIDS patients in Soweto, South Africa. The Hanson brothers recently traveled to Mozambique and South Africa and recorded the song with a children's choir there. Regardless if you like Hanson, the song is powerful and the money goes to a great cause.

However you "celebrate" World AIDS Day, do something. AIDS is the most devastating disease to plague our planet. It knows no boundaries and kills at random. While you personally may not know anyone who's dying, millions of people are sick and living with HIV without access to drugs to alieve their pain.

AIDS kills. Do your part to stop it. Get Informed. Help make AIDS history.

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