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SEPTEMBER 13, 2006
Sabra's Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Picture_4 It's a rarity that my home doesn't have a container of red pepper hummus in the fridge. So yesterday when my partner came home with a brand we'd never had, I was eager to dig in. Sabra's Fresh Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is likely the best store-bought RRP hummus I've ever had. Like the hummus you get in any Mediterranean restaurant, this package had the cluster of red peppers and olive oil gracing the middle, waiting to mix in with the surrounding chick pea goodness. And the result: near heaven. There's something about this hummus: is it the creaminess? the fresh roasted red pepper? an extra whipping of the chick peas? If your grocery store (and if you live near a Safeway or one of its subsidiaries, you'll likely find it) has it, I implore you to grab it along with some fresh pita and dare yourself to stop eating it.

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Hi...I typed in Sabra in the Google search engine, and up popped this site.

A co-worker happens to eat that brand here at work, and I had a chance to sample some. You're right! Shear heaven! I've had many brands before, and frankly enjoy them all. However, you're right...there's something special about this one. She may have gotten it at a whole food store. So, I'm going to ask her, and then go buy a case. They never give you enough in those small containers. A case of 50 or 100 should last me at least a couple of days.

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