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AUGUST 01, 2006
Stags' Leap '03 Viognier

Last week, friends took us to dinner at Miramar, sister restaurant to Gabriel Viti's renowned upscale spot, Gabriel's, both in Highwood, Ill., about 30 minutes north of Chicago. To say that dinner was a gorge fest was an understatement -- and pairing the food with wine was simple, considering Miramar's healthy wine list. Before our entrees arrived, we had already polished off a bottle of French rose and a bottle of Deerfield Ranch pinot noir. Some of us were having fish for dinner and it was a beautiful night -- the French doors were open and a hot summer breeze was coming through. We wanted something refreshing and settled on the Stags' Leap viognier. I had no idea Stags', known for its cabs, did a white like this. It was slightly acidic with some well-balanced citrus, including lemon and nectarine, as well as some pear notes.  I tried finding it the other day at a local shop but had no luck. If anyone knows where to find this wine in Chicago, please let me know. And if you stumble upon it, grab a few bottles. You'll enjoy it.

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