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AUGUST 22, 2006
My Nespresso C190

N_c190_748_4 My Nespresso has a first name it's n-e-s-p-r. My Nespresso has a second name is e-s-s-o.

Ok, so not quite the Oscar Meyer song, but you get my feeling -- anything I want to sing about, I must love. And anything I've had for more than two years that I still want to blog about, I must really love.

My Nespresso C190 is one of the greatest things to ever come into my life. Not only is it stylish with its Titanium shell and curvaceous body, but it also produces a perfect cup of espresso with just the right amount of crema every time.

I've become a big fan of the pods as well. There are about a dozen coffee varietals that Nespresso produces -- and I lean toward Decaffeinato Intenso when I want to lay off the buzz and choose either Arpeggio or Capriccio when I need a little kicker. Not sure what it is about these pods that I dig, maybe it's the purple and dark green casing they come in. Perhaps it's the blend of South and Central American beans or the Latin American Arabicas mixed with a touch of West African Robusta. But when I make my vanilla, nonfat latte in the morning (sometimes midday -- but not everyday, mind you), it is so easy and tastes so damn good every single time.

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this is a really cool espresso machine thingy.


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